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Let Yangon stun you! It doesn't matter what season of the year that you visit , as we are talking about a place which surely demands a few days there . Whether if it's cold or if it's hot , the incredible natural horizon from your holiday letting and the rich heritage of the region allows you to have the best experience. this area is characterised by being one of the most attractive parts of the entire country ; predominantly for the architecture of the towns and cities which are , surely, as beautiful as their mountains . Constituting of some of the ideal places where you should commence looking for your holiday rental in Yangon. Given our cooperation with other partners such as Booking and Wimdu , among over 100 more , you have the possibility to book your holiday in the area that you like . Whether you pick one of the less popular or one of the most modern cities, you'll have the comfort of a native person of Yangon alongside the serenity of a traveller . Choose one of the 342 Holiday rentals in this region!

Holiday villas in Yangon

The county of Yangon even now preserves a lot of holiday rentals whose roots date back to their first inhabitants , and you can find in the old town of the communities . The least known villages have a lot of all the atmosphere ; but also, in combination with the most interesting towns , all display perfectly the wealth inherited from historical generations. This is the best advantage of Yangon, which also is formed of various points of interest , you'll realise each and every one of them can be seen all over the main parts their communities. Castles , colleges and all types of structures which are normal in the popular parts of this region , of so many styles and from many periods of the past which appear to be impossible and which take your breath away. Come to wander around the region in detail beginning with your holiday rental in Yangon!

Things to do in Yangon

Visiting Yangon is getting up close to a place which is very lovely with a lot of things to do . You're able to feel like a local in the cities and towns and understand everything there is here , walk around the squares and treat yourself to the products from that place . As if you were even inhabitant of Yangon. The incredible natural environments located here contain every type of plant and are stretched over the area . Not only because they are exciting and some of the best kept parts of the country , but too because they are parks which make this region. Now you know, if you're passionate about exploring nature , you are definitely in the ideal place . Try all the tours in in Yangon!

Holiday rentals in Yangon

Holiday villas in Yangon

Things to see in Yangon

There are various essential sights that you should see in Yangon , all of them should definitely be a part of your holiday itinerary . This part of the country holds a rich cultural legacy , a quality which comes from past civilisations of this county. The main roots of past generations are noticeable today in the streets and the central town of the regions well-known villages . Undeniably it's vital that you go to explore them yourself , to get the most of your visit to Yangon. The most well-known points of interest can be found spread in the terrain , so wherever you are in the city you'll be near to some of the main sights in Yangon.