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Are you looking for a holiday villa non the Amalfi Coast? Here you can find all the offers on the web page to visit Italy! Compare prices and book from € 40 per night! All accommodations available on one page: compare prices, choose the best solution and book cheap apartments on the Amalfi Coast saving up to 30%. A holiday on the Amalfi Coast will take you through the shops of Positano, between the villas of Ravello, to the fjord of Furore and the picturesque villages of Cetara and Vietri sul Mare. Find your holiday home by the sea on the Amalfi Coast and prepare for a dream holiday. In August, during the high season, you can find apartments from € 35 a night, with prices that fall in low season even up to € 25. Not bad, right? Enter the number of people and dates of your trip. We will show you all the offers of coastal rents available on the web: bed and breakfasts, farms, holiday apartments on the Amalfi Coast and all types of accommodation. You can filter the offers according to your favourite services: houses with swimming pool, WIFI, last minute apartments and much more. Scagli the perfect solution for you and with a few clicks you can book your holiday accommodation on the Amalfi Coast at the best price. What are you waiting for?

Places to stay on the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for a sea view villa for rent for your holidays, this is the perfect place! The Amalfi Coast is a beauty to be seen at least once in your life. Always deservedly one of the main destinations of Campania, famous all over the world for its landscapes, its villages overlooking the sea and its coves, the Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its 13 municipalities connected by the panoramic road SS-13, one of the most beautiful in the world. Here the Lattari Mountains overlook the sea, in a heterogeneous landscape that gives life to a succession of coves and inlets to be explored, some of which can only be reached by sea starting from Positano and Amalfi. The sea is also crystal clear. If you still do not know where to stay, or in which area of ​​the Amalfi Coast to look for your apartment, here are some useful tips.

  • Amalfi, the centre of the Amalfi Coast: The holiday homes in Amalfi are not only included in what is one of the most spectacular and rich in history of the Amalfi Coast, but are also in a strategic position to stay. We are on the centre of the Coast, from your accommodation you can easily reach all the other places on the coast or go up the Valico, towards Tramonti, Ravello and Chiunzi. In Amalfi you will have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, with the famous Cloister of Paradise, the Rione Vagliendola, the Paper Museum and the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.
  • Erchie and Cetara, seaside villages: If you are looking for a more "authentic" holiday, you can choose to stay in these two seaside villages of the eastern part of the coast, a few kilometres from Vietri sul Mare. It is ideal if you are looking for an apartment directly on the beach, as you can find some of the most popular and famous coves here. The ideal area for those who want only their own holiday, relaxation and tranquility.
  • Positano, the jewel: The villas and holiday accommodation in Positano are perhaps the most expensive of the Coast, with rents that in the summer reach the average price of € 180 per night. You have to make a choice, because Positano is the real pearl of the Amalfi Coast, perfect especially for a romantic holiday. This is a city that has been developed vertically with many steps, so it is perhaps not exactly ideal for families with small children. The atmosphere that you breathe between its streets and its views, then, are simply unique, make it a place for living, not solely for visiting. Among the main monuments that you can see staying in Positano, marked the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, covered with majolica, the shops of the centre and the Spiaggia Grande.
  • Penisola Sorrentina, a strategic position: Holiday accommodation in Sorrento and in the peninsula will allow you to stay on the start of the Amalfi Coast, on the west side. The ideal place to stay if in addition to the coast you are going to take a tour of the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum or maybe reach Capri and Ischia for a day trip. A strategic position, in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, to visit Corso Italia, Piazza Tasso, the Vallone dei Mulini and the many villages of the peninsula, among breathtaking views and scent of lemons. Valico di Chiunzi, the most beautiful views: Those looking for a holiday home from which to enjoy the most beautiful views of the coast then must refer to the central area, that of the Valico di Chiunzi, one of the main access routes to the coast. A strategic position that allows you to visit Amalfi and the splendid Ravello. Search for rentals in Maiori, Minori or Tramonti: here evenings, even in summer, are cooler than on the coast!

Holiday rentals in Amalfi Coast

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Holiday lettings in Amalfi Coast

Things to do in Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast extends between the Gulf of Salerno and the Sorrento Peninsula, precisely between the municipalities of Vietri sul Mare and Positano. 55 kilometers on the slopes of the Lattari mountains overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, between seaside villages, villas and Mediterranean vegetation with terraces on which olive trees, vines and citrus trees stand. To get there by car you basically have three solutions. Drive along the Sorrento peninsula and reach Positano, or take the motorway to Salerno, along the coast to Vietri. Or you can still leave the Naples-Salerno highway at Angri and take the Chiunzi pass, which crosses the Monti Lattari, then descend to Amalfi or Maiori, in a succession of bends, panoramas and unique landscapes. An advice: better to move by scooter or maybe by bus, especially during the high season, when the parking lots are few and expensive! The beauty of the coast already conquered Giuseppe Bonaparte, who built the coastal road that was inaugurated in 1854. Starting from the 900, it became an elité tourist destination, hosting, among others, personalities like Lenin, Pablo Beruda and Marguerite Youtcenar, struck by the beauty of these places. A terrace overlooking the sea whose main center, Amalfi, was one of the most important Maritime Republics. Throughout the coast contains 15 small villages, each with its monuments, its traditions and its peculiarities. A tour of the Amalfi Coast will leave you speechless from start to finish. Here are some of the points of greatest interest not to be missed during your holidays.

  • Fiordo di Furore: A small cove of beach between two rocky walls, one of the gems of the Amalfi Coast. Not very easy to reach, but it's worth it. Park right after the bridge and go down the steps leading directly to the beach. Alas in the summer months it is very crowded, being small and now famous. In the morning hours it is in the shade, with a pleasant cool temperature. Today the Fiore di Furore is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is also the scene, every year, of an international diving competition, the MarMeeting.
  • Ravello: The view from Ravello is only a small part of the beauty of this small village perched at 350 meters above sea level. He has inspired and fascinated artists of all ages and is famous especially for its villas, gardens and its Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, a stage behind a breathtaking view. Here the Ravello Festival is staged every year, a series of events in the splendid setting of Ravello that accompanies visitors throughout the summer.
  • Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone: These are the two main villas of Ravello. Villa Rufolo overlooks Piazza Vescovado and is the historical and cultural center of Ravello, with its colorful gardens that also enchanted Richardo Wagner when he visited the villa in 1880. It is here that he composed the second act of the Parsifal. Villa Cimbrone, on the other hand, is a private hotel but the gardens are open to the public and are definitely worth a visit. The cost of the ticket? € 7 adults, € 5 children. Inside you will find the Belvedere, the so-called Terrace of Infinity, which offers a view that Gore Vidal, well-known American author, described as the finest in the world.
  • Cathedral of Amalfi: Piazza Duomo is the heart of Amalfi and here stands the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea which houses the remains of Sant'Andrea, the patron saint of the city. 62 steps leading to a porticoed atrium from which to enjoy a small view of the square, including bars, cafes and restaurants. This is the true postcard of Amalfi! Also in the square there is also the historic Fountain of Sant'Andrea, also called the Popolo, dating back to 1760.
  • Positano Fashion: Positano is the most mundane center of the coast, among boutiques and craft shops. In particular, three white and pastel colored houses and the dome of the church of Santa Maria Assunta, you will find many shops that sell the typical handmade sandals. Among the most famous Nanà and Safari boutiques.
  • Praiano: One of the most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast, the first that meets Positano. Here there are 13 churches, between narrow and timeless streets. Do not miss the sunset from Piazza Costantinopoli: incomparable!
  • Grotta dello Smeraldo: Located between Amalfi and Grotta dei Marini, discovered in 1932 by the fisherman Luigi Buonocore. The colors and the reflections inside this cave are incredible: a submarine slit allows the sunlight to come out, giving the cave inside the characteristic emerald color that gives its name to this place.
  • Atrani: Just after Amalfi, Atrani is one of the most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast. Crossed by the river Dragone, in a maze of narrow streets, Atrani is the smallest country in Italy by extension, built in just 0.9 square kilometers. Do not miss its Piazzetta, the heart of the town with its Church of San Salvatore, the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena and the ancient chapel of Santa Maria del Bando, reachable after a long uphill walk that will repay with a unique view!
  • Vietri ceramics: A product of the highest quality craftsmanship, symbol of Vietri sul Mare and a little of the whole Amalfi Coast. To discover a bit of history, we suggest you take a trip to Raito, a hamlet of Vietri, where the Vietriese Ceramics Museum is located.
  • Valle delle Ferriere: A very nice route for trekking lovers, which will take you through the greenery between Amalfi and Pontone, among the remains of ancient mills, paper mills, up to the spectacular waterfalls of the Rio Canneto.
  • Path of the Gods: We are in the Monti Lattari, behind Positano, for a trekking route that starts from Agerola and reaches up to Nocelle. Eight kilometers between nature and breathtaking views of the gulf.

Gastronomy on the Amalfi Coast

A holiday on the Amalfi Coast is also, by necessity, a gastronomic endeavour. Where to start? Well, coming from Sorrento it is mandatory to have a nice dish of classic Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. In this area we also produce Pasta di Gragnano, one of the excellence of Campania. On the opposite side, however, you will have to taste one of the many recipes that use the legendary Alici di Cetara and Colatura di Alici di Cetara. A true art of this small fishing village that for decades have carried on the tradition, for one of the most tasty condiments in the world. In Amalfi, in addition to the famous Limoni della Costiera, used in cooking or to make Limoncello, a seafood scialatielli dish is a must: long fresh pasta, pleasantly irregular and sublime with fish sauce. Why not try to reproduce them in the kitchen of your holiday home on the Amalfi Coast? To close, the dessert. Tramonti is home to Pasticceria Sal De Riso, the home of one of the most famous Italian pastry chefs. Do not miss the Delizie al Limone, an explosion of flavors and aromas that will be the main memory of your holiday home on the Amalfi Coast!