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Hundredrooms allows you to rent from the leading sites for holiday rental apartments in Asdod from Airbnb, and HomeAway to help you travel at the best price, because we know that you enjoy travelling and you want to get the nicest holiday rental in the neighbourhood which suits your holiday. Check out 60 excellent apartments where you can stare at the best views of the city, 2 lofts ideal for romantic holidays, and 30 homely tourist flats for those who travel with their families. Never put limits on your travel dreams of exploring Ashkelon , the most fun escape that you have been to in your lifetime now just a few clicks away. Stay in any of the cheap holiday rentals in Asdod and start comparing apartments which you're surely going to love!

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Hey! We are waiting for you to search for the apartment of your dreams in Asdod where you'll feel a home in your journey. Describe how you imagine your perfect apartment. And with everything you need , with a swimming pool and slide and the best views of the horizon . You don't have spend hours checking on loads of sites online for accommodation in Asdod , because in Hundredrooms we understand and you can do everything in one place. In Hundredrooms we try our best in order for you to make the best of the days that you decided to spend in Asdod to the maximum , which is why we compare and find your ideal stay in the best holiday rentals from Airbnb, Booking.comor HomeAway for you to reserve as easily as possible and at the most reasonable price. We share your passion for travelling, the sensation that arrives every time we see ourselves a unique possibility to visit an amazing city in Asia that you can't get out of your head. So like that it's convenient to find a fairly priced, warm, beautiful holiday rental with the best location, So that in your getaway you have a site which you can consider as your home for a few days even though you're in another part of the world. Let's look for the apartment which works best for you in the town of Asdod?

Holiday rentals in Asdod

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Holiday lettings in Asdod

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Rent an a holiday rental in Asdod close by to parks, boutiques and authentic sites to make journeys around the monuments and discover restaurants with a great beautiful patios where you can taste one of the and traditional dish of Southern District under the lights of Asdod. All those who live their life in this destination go out and enjoy the nightlife in the bars and clubs around Asdod the the hippest areas party goers, Do you live for the ambience of a nightclub or one who lives for a romantic night in your apartment? And apart from that we like going out and an incredible time in a new place, there are a lot more than that, you have so many amazing things to do that you won't even think about being bored. The cultures are really special in Asdod. Would you like to start comparing holiday rentals with our meta-search and begin to plan your agenda for your trip?

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Hundredrooms displays apartments in different parts of the city because who says there's only one class of tourist. Thanks to the big trend of holiday apartments, you'll easily find your home in the area of the city that you prefer. We we assist you in finding flats at the lowest price and you'll have new experiences and take more trips around the planet. Would you like to explore the city starting from your holiday rental? Get lost pretending you are a local in the main street, wander around the cities sights and be astonished with most well known monuments of the city, these well known spaces that you want to see . And of course it's key that you don't have one moment of boredom with the children, because they will love to spend the afternoon with views of the closest theme park, and enjoying everything they can about the trip. To conclude, we recommend a walk around the villages which are are close by, they have a unique style and you can see them in one afternoon. Are you prepared? We're waiting to start searching for holiday rentals for you.

Where to eat in Asdod

As well as discovering the most relevant areas in this country you shouldn't arrive home again without experiencing the typical flavours of the gastronomy in Asdod. The culinary culture of this zone is completely formed by the foods that emerge from this environment, granting it with a particular taste. If you try to include any of the most famous restaurants in Asdod to your timetable you will be able to satisfy your appetite and you will get to know and indulge in a gastronomic culture with centuries of tradition.