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Find gites and cottages in Brittany for your trip to one of the most culturally distinctive regions in the west of France, with rich Breton and Celtic heritage dating back thousands of years and a whole wealth of fantastic beaches and islands. At Hundredrooms, we know that booking holiday accommodation can be a rather stressful experience, and sometimes it’s hard to find the best deal for both price and quality. That’s why we compare thousands of holiday rentals in Brittany all in one place, so that you can quickly see what is available. You certainly won’t regret your decision to search for great Brittany accommodation, whether you’re thinking about staying in Saint Malo, Carnac, or Rennes - we have it all here. The Celtic fringe of France is awash with historical monuments including the Carnac stones and the Cote de Granit Rose, and you can book some of the most stunning holiday lettings in Brittany overlooking the diverse coastline, and we recommend that you visit some of its many fishing villages. Located in the north west of France, it is home to 2000 km of coastline and is a popular place for many to book cottages in Brittany. What are you looking for in a holiday rental? We take it all into consideration - whether you need a large home for the family, an apartment near the sea, or a cottage for two people, we gather everything from across a range of partners all in one place, on one screen. Only with Hundredrooms can you guarantee the best offers in price while not losing out on anything that you might need in your holiday home. What are you waiting for? The historic region of Brittany is waiting for you to explore its hundreds of beaches, jagged islets and cliff faces, and charming Breton culture. Discover this French region as a local from any of the following:

Places to stay in Brittany

Brittany is in the north-west of France, and its capital city is Rennes. It is surrounded by the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, and is best known for its magical islands, islets and ports that are dotted along the coastline. It is split into four main areas, and we are here to help you decide which region of Brittany to book your holiday rental. The east of Brittany, also known as Ille-et-Vilaine, is an inland area with many historical towns such as Vitré, Rennes and Mont-Dol. The north of Brittany is popular for its beach resorts, and is home to the Pink Granite Coast. It is known as the Cotes d’Armor. The western part of Bretagne is known as Finistere, and hangs off the edge of Brittany in the far west. It is isolated and is home to the Armorique National Park, and also to the town of Brest. You can explore some of the most breathtaking peninsulas in this region. The south west of Brittany is also particularly interesting, and is known as Morbihan. It is a region of great historical and cultural value, as it is home to the Carnac megaliths and various prehistoric sites. Depending on what you’re after during your stay in your self-catering accommodation in Brittany, we can help you decide where to stay.

  • Saint Malo: A sight to behold, this walled city is an iconic port town with a long history of piracy along the west coast of France. Much of its history involves local extortion and you can reach the port by ferry to places such as Poole, Portsmouth and Weymouth in the UK. It is thrust out into the water, and has a walled citadel on the inside. You will find some of the best places to eat during your stay in a Brittany holiday letting here.
  • Nantes: A forward thinking city that is rich in culture and innovation. It was once an important port on the Loire Estuary, and while it no longer technically forms part of the region or Brittany, its former capital has a strong historical connection which is still very much present. It has a range of classic and modern architecture, many great outdoor spaces and cultural or artistic activities and great places to eat.
  • Rennes: The capital of the Breton region, and also one of the most ancient sites. It dates back to the Gallic era over 2000 years ago when it was a village named Condate. It is famous for its digital innovation, lively nightlife and ancient historic centre.
  • Vannes: If you are travelling along the Gulf of Morbihan, you must visit the walled town of Vannes. It is picturesque and its medieval streets are incredibly preserved. From here you can take a ferry along the gulf, and you’ll find some incredible chateaus around the city.
  • Carnac: Brittany’s version of Stonehenge in England is located in this ancient Celtic town. The aligned megaliths are something quite mythical, and this town has more prehistoric landmarks and standing stones that anywhere else in Europe. You will therefore be delighted to discover the rich cultural history of the pre-Celtic Bretons. During the Neolithic period, this town was particularly important and the menhirs (standing stones) still tell the tale from about 3000 to 4000 BC. It has many sandy beaches for you to enjoy too.
  • Brest: A portside city with one of France’s greatest natural harbours. The city was bombed heavily during the Second World War, but it has been regenerated and rebuilt to become of the most exciting futuristic centres across the country. The quayside is a popular place to find a holiday rental in Brittany, and you can even take its urban cable car. Also popular in this city is the Océanopolis which is a fascinating ocean discovery centre.
  • Cancale: Most famous for its delectable oysters that have been cultivated in the sea nearby, and for the enviable views over the Baie de St Michel.

When to visit Bretagne

The summer months of July and August are guaranteed to usually have the best weather in Brittany during your stay in a holiday apartment, however we would recommend to avoid travelling during the month of August when Parisian city dwellers leave the city en masse to travel to the Breton coastline for their holidays. We recommend visiting Brittany and booking your Brittany self-catering accommodation in May or June, as this is when the weather is really rather sunny and pleasant, and rainfall is far less likely that the earlier months of spring or in autumn. If you’re visiting Brittany to surf, you might consider going in the months of March and April, too.

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Bretón Gastronomy

Brittany has one of the richest gastronomic scenes in the whole of France, and even the world. Ever wondered where crêpes come from? Well look no further - during your stay in a holiday apartment in Brittany, you should be sure to try the local crêpes bretonnes. It should certainly be washed down with a glass of Breton cider, for which the region is also famous. Naturally the region is also predispositioned to some of the best seafood in France or ‘fruits de mer’, including its oysters and mussels, and this should also be enjoyed with local Muscadet wine. Such dishes are often accompanied by vegetables cooked in butter, and and nowadays the algae from the seas of Brittany are being used more by some of the finest culinary experts, so look out for truly delicious fillings ‘aux algues’ - even the crêpes! The butter or ‘Bretón beurre’ features largely in Bretón cuisine, and is also enjoyed with local sea salt. Another sweet delicacy are the ‘galettes’ which are round biscuits made with the butter, and also the ‘crêpes dentelles’ which are light and crunchy biscuits. You also have to try the Kouign Amann, which is a Breton cake made with bread dough and rather resembles a caramelised croissant.