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Hundredrooms allows you to book from the most popular sites for holiday rental apartments in Lyon from important partners such as Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor to make your life easier because we know that you enjoy travelling to new places and you deserve the most beautiful apartment in the neighbourhood which you love. Compare 1248 apartments with a view of the sights in the city, 237 studies, penthouse or hostels perfect for couple holidays, and 428 spacious holiday apartments for those who love to travel with children. Save on your holiday, the most memorable, unbelievable weekend that you've ever had is closer than you think. Sleep in one of the cheap holiday rentals in Lyon and find apartments which you will like!

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We are waiting to search for the holiday rental in Lyon that goes best with your style. Describe what you want from an apartment which makes you cheer 'I want this flat!' And it could be found in a magazine , with a cot for babies and even parking. You don't have lose time looking on loads of sites for accommodation in Lyon , in Hundredrooms you can do everything in one place. Depending on your needs, we filter the most well connected apartments from TripAdvisor Lyon and you reserve at the best price. Prepare your suitcase and say ciao to the office, and let's go to Lyon! We perfectly get your affection for visiting new places, the emotion that we get every time we find ourselves a proposal to visit a capital city in Europe that we cannot resist. So now we know it's most important to search for a cheap, homely, spacious holiday rental with an excellent central location, So that in your getaway you have a spot which you can consider as your home for a weekend even though you might be in another part of the world. Are you ready to escape to Lyon?

Holiday rentals in Lyon

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Holiday lettings in Lyon

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Would you want to get to know all the most enjoyable things to do in Lyon from the instant in which you walk into your holiday rental? One of the strong about the destinations like Lyon is that they have a great deal of alternatives for everyone, this destination is definitely the perfect place to travel with kids. There are always good options to the parents that don't know what to do on their holiday, try with a tour with your bike next to the city and making the most of a good time with your family. Taking a visit to and appreciating the magnificence of the natural parks of Rhône , and when you can't do anymore, you can always go to grab a bite to eat in any of the pubs of the city. Going to the zoo in the local area is one of the places so you don't skip the a fun family day out if you travel with kids. And don't forget, in many galleries of Lyon you'll find interactive events that which are fascinating for the kids, with interactive elements and more activities that get you close to art and literature in Rhône. And if you normally travel with your partner don't worry listen to this because We also know the most interesting things in Lyon! So much happiness there is in having a typical dish from Lyon for the first time in your life. Nothing better than to try the first bite, you'll need the recipe and attempt to recreate it in the kitchen if you're staying any of the studies, penthouse or hostels in Lyon. Are you ready for your trip to Lyon? Let's go to check apartments for you now!

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Think for a second that you get a holiday rental close to the best sights of Lyon and with a which is a dream come true. You only have to compare the one with the best decoration that there are in the centre of Lyon, filter, and choose the one from Airbnb that attracts your attention. You only need to organise your luggage, we filter through holiday villas. Do you want to wander around the city leaving from your holiday rental? Get lost as if you were a local the most well known of all Lyon continue your way around the shopping streets and be astonished with every one of the monuments of the city, these fantastic areas that stay engraved in your memory an added touch like a complimentary activity, find range of new activities on your getaway in an exciting water park in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, don't doubt for a second just pack your suitcase and greet with your group of friends to enjoy a day full of joy. You'll find apartments close by! To end your getaway of busy tourism, what we would recommend is to go from the library in Lyon riding your bike to the place where you can get the most splendid views of the countryside, and treat yourself after a long day with a well earned dinner. Are you ready? We're excited to begin searching for holiday rentals that you will definitely like.

Where to eat in Lyon

Travelling signifies uncovering different traditions , a richness which is also present in the culinary art in Lyon. A well-known cuisine is usually completely characterised by the produce from its zone as well as by the traditions from cooks of the past. During your holiday abroad, we recommend you stop off at any of the traditional restaurants in Lyon to make sure that you avoid missing out on sample ingredients miles from anything you've ever tried.