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How would you like spend your vacation in the region of Picardy? This region is the home of several of the most magnificent parts of the country. Every second which passes on your stay in Picardy an amazing memory is being created in your mind ; whether its in the main square of the village of your choice , in your own holiday rental in Picardy or in the mountains of the county . We won't be missing any options , due to the fact that we work with partners dedicated to renting holiday apartments such as Airbnb, Booking.comor HomeAway which means you have more possibilities to pick without missing out on any of the holiday rentals vacant in this county in the entire country . Whether you start looking for the best holiday rental an open environment in the rural area of the outskirts or you prefer in the central part of any of the most symbolic cities , whatever place, you'll have an experience like never before. In Picardy there are over 18445 Holiday rentals!

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You'll find a lot of towns in Picardy , some of them with a massive amount of monuments also within the rest of the country, they show the value of the country raised to the highest level. This is one of the main elements from this piece of the world : any town is excellent to relax while you're in your apartment in Picardy. the most popular cities will bring you closer to the cultures of the local area which offers a more local experience; while, In the community with a lot going on you will live like another neighbour and you will have the possibility to explore the sights of interest while relaxing in an urban area . Wherever you are , don't leave without seeing the most amazing buildings in the same day as the incredible architecture from this county of Picardy and not only that, also from the nation.

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Are you still deciding what there is to do on your vacation in Picardy? If you're passionate about nature , the landscapes around here are , without a doubt, amazing. The ideal way to discover and see the original green spaces and flowers is with some of the different hiking routes close to your chosen apartment . Enjoy taking a tour around the landscapes near to your holiday apartment in Picardy. A perfectly positioned apartment or a vehicle permits you to explore the most pretty avenues of the towns in this area. Go to some of the commercial boulevards , in which you can get the most amazing products from Picardy; and also you should visit the most attractive natural parks.

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Picardy is a region with a big value, both traditional and at a level very natural . Don't forget the points of interest that you have to visit in Picardy. One example, visiting one of the best looked after forts you shouldn't miss during your holidays , just like you shouldn't forget any of the most popular chapels . Without missing the most traditional markets and green spaces of the heart of the main towns and cities . For all those who think that local culture is one of their biggest favourite passions , your tourist routes definitely should consist of a day of walking around some of those. Picardy is a huge bag of surprises, experience it all from the patio of your apartment .