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Let Limousin stun you! The amazing natural sky from the holiday rental and the valuable historical heritage of the province allows you to enjoy your holiday , whether it's hot or it's cold . A county which unquestionably demands a holiday , whatever time of the year that you go in . this area is characterised by being one of the most beautiful parts of all of the country ; particularly for the architecture of the the villages , which are as precious as the landscapes . Making up some of the most ideal places to begin looking for your holiday apartment in Limousin. Whether you book one of the most popular or one of the less known cities, you'll live the comfort of a local person of Limousin alongside the peace of a visitor . Thanks to our cooperation with partners such as , for example, Airbnb, HomeAway or , among and 100 more , you'll find your holiday in the village that you love . Book one of the 4423 Holiday rentals in this country!

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Going to Limousin is an excuse to for getting to know most characteristic places submerging in their traditions. Remembering the clear relevancy in the past of the nation , this county can be distinguished by a heritage and habits which are exposed to perfection in the character of the country . Also you should bear in mind that , wherever you stay, all over this region you will visit monuments small and big and , without a doubt, you have to see them in Limousin . The local cooking of this place also deserves a mention too due to the flavour of the natural products from this terrain and the character of the classic cooking . We know that you'll feel great in this province from that moment when you arrive , regardless of the part that you find your holiday villa in Limousin.

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Still unsure what there is to visit during your holiday in Limousin? In the case that nature was one of your fav things , the countryside & parks that you will discover are magnificent. The best way to immerse yourself and relish the natural green and green spaces is with any of the different walking tours close to to holiday rental . Get strolling around the spaces close to your holiday rental in Limousin. A good holiday rental located apartment or , failing that, using a means of transport gives you the possibility to visit the most pretty streets of the nearby communities. Head to the shopping streets , where you can purchase the most traditional products from Limousin; so also you'll want to make the most of take a trip to the most incredible rural countryside.

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Limousin constitutes of a county filled with a big value, both landscaped and at a level very monumental . Don't loose the points of interest to visit in Limousin. One example, wandering around at least one of the best kept forts you shouldn't miss during your stay , like you shouldn't miss out on any of the most special convents . Without missing the most antique marketplaces and green spaces of the heart of the main localities in this area . If the cultural tourism constitutes as one of your passions , your holiday tours have to consist of a day wandering around some of those. Limousin is an authentic bag of surprises, see all from within your holiday chalet .