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Our accommodation search engine, Hundredroooms finds apartments in Pointe-Noire from famous partners such as Airbnb, and HomeAway to make it easier for you to find your holiday because we know that you enjoy travelling and you want to get the nicest holiday rental in the area which suits your style Take a visit to one of 82 lovely apartments where you can admire the ideal views of the city, 8 attics ideal for couple holidays, and 46 spacious tourist flats for those who love to travel with their families. Never stop following your travel dreams of getting to know Guadeloupe , your ideal stay is now in your hands. Stay in any of the cheap holiday rentals in Pointe-Noire and search for apartments which you're surely going to love!

Holiday lettings in Pointe-Noire

In Hundredrooms you can search for the apartment of your dreams in Pointe-Noire which is perfect for you. Let us know what you require from an apartment that makes you think 'It's mine' And it has absolutely everything , with a swimming pool and slide and the best views . You don't have lose time searching for the right holiday rental on loads of websites for accommodation in Pointe-Noire , because in Hundredrooms we check them all in one place. From Hundredrooms we try our best in order for you to really enjoy the vacation weekend that you chose to spend in Pointe-Noire a lot search for the apartment where you'll feel at home in one of the 8 holiday rentals for romantic escapes, 14 holiday accommodations which allows pets or 46 vacation rentals for family trips. Walk out from your apartment and discover the plan of Pointe-Noire looking at monuments most popular Basse-Terre. The beautiful thing of getting away is seeing the novelties that are history and events from other places from France, trying bits of another language, tasting surprising new flavours or relaxing with a cool drink in a cafe and see all the most important sights in the old town and get ready to travel more than before and as far as your legs allow you to. Get to know pieces of art that were done in Pointe-Noire and you've always wanted to see for yourself is an experience which you cannot put a price on, but it's even better if we book a cheap holiday apartment for the trip. In Hundredrooms we assist you right from your hometown to your holiday rental , can we offer all our enthusiasm, effectiveness and speed to book the most suited apartment for you?

Holiday rentals in Pointe-Noire

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Holiday lettings in Pointe-Noire

Things to do in Pointe-Noire

An apartment, and plenty of things to do to choose from. We are going to plan, What should we do tonight in Pointe-Noire? Have a night in your holiday accommodation, a weekend in your flat could be the moment when you create the most memorable experiences of travelling. Even though going out is not the only fun thing that you'll do in Pointe-Noire. Trying the food in Pointe-Noire is almost obligatory on your weekend in Guadeloupe. When you try the first spoon full, you'll get the feeling to find out the special recipe and attempt to make it in the kitchen in your apartment. Would you want to travel to Pointe-Noire right in this moment?

Things to see in Pointe-Noire in a weekend

From the apartment you'll enjoy views of sights of Pointe-Noire. Without a doubt that here comes with internet connection and a garden. How can we decide! With Hundredrooms you can find so many holiday rentals that it's complicated to choose only one, because there are holiday rentals close to historical with fascinating architecture that you will fall in love with over and over. Do you want to wander around Pointe-Noire starting from your holiday rental? Get lost as if you were living in Pointe-Noire in a local in the main part of the city, wander around the shopping streets and wander around most amazing sights of the city, these famous monuments that you learned about in your travel guide. . Like a complimentary activity, have fun in range of fun activities on your trip in the best theme park in Guadeloupe, don't doubt for a minute just prepare your suitcase and get together with your group of friends to enjoy a day like never before. You can relax very close! To end your weekend of non stop tourism, what we would recommend on your weekend around the world with your kids and bring them to grab your suitcase and learn an excursion around the areas next to Pointe-Noire, ending in a viewing point from where you can look the beautiful views of the forests of Basse-Terre. Have you got an idea of everything you want to see? Let's start by selecting an apartment!

Where to eat in Pointe-Noire

Do you like traditional gastronomy? In this case, you need to take a visit to some of the best restaurants in Pointe-Noire. A provincial gastronomy which has a lot of quirks identifying it and a very unique aroma too , generally means the majority of their products are taken from the terrain and so fresh that you have to try them. It's clear that, eating out in Pointe-Noire will account to one of the greatest experiences that you will have during your stay.