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The energy of Rovaniemi will seduce you in the case that you choose this place for your summer trip. There are so many attractive hidden wonders spread around all of the towns which are in this county. All oldest traditions of the residents ,the quiet ambience of your holiday cottage in Rovaniemi,the natural landscapes of the region . Individually these attributes will make it unique. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well put together, they allow you to live an unforgettable experience ; whether you travel with your friends, with your partner or with your family . Remember that you're able to pick any holiday rental in Rovaniemi, now that we work with Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor , among 100 more, which means it's possible spend your holiday in a holiday cottage in the place you choose. See our big selection of 276 Holiday rentals vacant in Rovaniemi and get the one which fits all your requirements!

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The region of Rovaniemi preserves now still a considerable number of holiday cottages whose origins and roots go back to their ancient people , something you can see in the old town of the majority of the towns . The most unheard villages preserve a lot of all the atmosphere of the place ; although, in combination with the biggest localisations , all show an example a great deal of the wealth inherited from past generations. This is the trait which best defines Rovaniemi, which also is made up of some areas of large value of culture , and each and every one of them are around all over the main parts this area. Castles , cathedrals and more types of buildings which can be found in this region , of so many aspects and from many eras ago which appear to be impossible and which will take you back to the past. Get ready to go to discover the region from start to finish starting from your holiday rental in Rovaniemi!

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Going to Rovaniemi signifies submerging yourself in a rather beautiful country with a lot to see . You will have the possibility to wander around the towns until you learn about everything you can about them , treat yourself to the unique unique products from that region and wander around the main shopping streets . Like if you were actually a resident of Rovaniemi. The amazing natural parks located here offer activities for everyone scattered this type of area . Not only because they are amazing and many of the most heard of in the country , but , too, because they're parks that really create this spot. Now you know, If nature is one of your loves , you've found yourself in the best place . Wander around all the tours in in Rovaniemi!

Holiday rentals in Rovaniemi

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There are many great places that you should see in Rovaniemi , all of them have to be the main part of your holiday activities . This county is part of an incredible cultural heritage , a quality built by previous civilisations of the region. The main attributes of past generations are visible in our daily life in the boulevards and the old town of more than one of the regions most important cities . Undeniably it's vital that you come to see them live , to get the most of your time in Rovaniemi. The most distinguished places of interest are all over the terrain , so wherever you're staying in the city you won't be too far away from some of the main historical buildings in Rovaniemi.