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The character of Møn will impress you if you choose this place for your long needed holidays There is no shortage of dark wonders spread around all of the towns which are in this area. All the tranquillity of your holiday cottage in Møn, the most recognisable traditions of the residents ,the beautiful horizons of the area . Together these components will make it original. And put together, they allow you to enjoy a memorable experience ; regardless of whether you go with your family, with your friends or with your partner . Keep in mind that you can reserve any holiday rental in Møn, as we cooperate with, Airbnbor HomeAway , among another 100 platforms online more, so that you can reserve a holiday cottage in the place you choose. Try our selection of 222 Holiday rentals vacant in Møn and reserve the one which fits all your requirements!

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The county of Møn now even conserves an uncountable number of artistic works whose roots go back to their first inhabitants , something you can find in the centres of the majority of the cities . The most unheard villages hold all the atmosphere of the place ; however, combined with the biggest cities , all reflect the quality inherited from historical generations. This is the unique sign of Møn, which also is formed of some areas of special attraction , you'll see each and every one of them can be discovered all over this area. Estate houses , monasteries and various types of buildings which are common in this county , of so many aspects and from many eras ago which appear to be impossible and which are incredible to see. Are you ready to explore the province from start to finish with your holiday rental in Møn!

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You'll always discover activities to do in Møn . From taking a car and creating a tour around the the most important villages or the natural spaces outside from there, until exploring the boulevard of the village or town you desire and discovering the traditional products in the same way a local resident also . The heart of the city is an unimaginable scenario to touch the traditions from Møn , as that, rural land here of the local land are found in a different spirit . There will be so many things to see, hiking routes you can explore and amazing parks which you can explore , if in the end you choose to a tour around one of the most amazing parts of this county . The place around it is the most original component of this province , visiting is an obligation in your trip to Møn.

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Møn is part of a county with an incredible value, both traditional and natural . Don't miss the points of interest to go to in Møn. One example, going to at least one of the best protected towers you should not miss during your holidays , as well as you shouldn't loose any of the most characteristic chapels . Together with the picturesque squares and green spaces of the centre of the main cities in this area . In the case that local tourism is one of your biggest preferences , your circuits need to involve taking a trip around any of those places. Møn is a huge bag of surprises, discover everything from within your apartment .