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The character of Cres will surprise you if in the end you choose this province for your summer trip. There are many hidden secrets in each one of the cities found in this area. All the quiet ambience of your holiday rental in Cres, the most recognisable routines of the locals ,the natural landscapes of the region . Separated, these elements will make it extraordinary. And together, they allow you to live an experience which is impossible to forget ; if you travel with your partner, with your family or with your friends . Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to stay in any holiday rental in Cres, thanks to the fact that we work with, Airbnbor HomeAway , and among another 100 platforms more, which means it's possible choose a holiday cottage in the exact place you want. Try our big selection of 891 Holiday rentals in Cres and get the best choice!

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The province of Cres today maintains even a considerable number of holiday rentals whose beginnings date back to their old population , something visible in the centres of the towns . The most underrated villages hold all the atmosphere of the place ; but, in combination with the biggest cities , all show clearly the value inherited from generations of the past. This is the most descriptive element of Cres, which as well is constituted of various areas of special interest , you'll realise each of them can be found all over this region. Castles , cathedrals and various types of structures present in this part of the country , of so many forms and from years ago which appear to be impossible and which you will remember forever. Come to roam around the province from top to bottom thanks to your holiday rental in Cres!

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Are you still deciding what there is to do during the week in Cres? If you're enthusiastic about nature , then for sure the rural parks around this region are absolutely exciting. The most recommendable way to spot and revel in the special flowers and parks of the county is taking a tour around the passages close to your holiday apartment in Cres. Enjoy with any of the distinctive hiking routes close to your favourite location . A conveniently situated apartment or , failing that, a car at hand means you can easily get to the most traditional avenues of the towns and cities in this area. Head to some of the commercial roads , in which you can find yourself the most traditional products from Cres; and also you'll want to visit the farthest rural landscapes.

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Had you heard that Cres is full of some the most relevant forts ancient in the whole of the country ? Apart from that, the stories where they emerge from are no less . Don't miss any of the the things that you can see in Cres ! A province that is covered in mysteries in every hiding place. Starting with the most characteristic places of the region you can discover constructions of all the styles and eras : from the most historic to the contemporary . if you'd love to experience your experience in Cres, you definitely should discover one of those . Don't forget doing a wander around the main town centres of the most represented municipalities . Nothing isn't worth seeing , all without exception have a fragrance which bring you back to many years ago : the windows of the residences , the churches , the squares ...