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Would you like live some days in the region of Antioquia? The land is home of several of the most incredible areas of the nation. Every minute of your stay in Antioquia a memory in your mind ; whether its in the streets of your chosen region , in the hills of the county or in your own holiday villa in Antioquia . We won't be short of any options , now that we work with partners such as Booking or Wimdu so that you have more possibilities to select without forgetting any of the holiday rentals available in this part . Whether you want to search for the best holiday rental in the natural area of the outskirts or you prefer in the heart of any of the most beautiful villages , we're sure you'll live some great holidays. In Antioquia there are over 1644 Holiday rentals!

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There are plenty of villages in Antioquia , some of which very visited and also within the rest of the country, they present the state of the county shown to the max. the least visited cities will get you involved in the customs of the local area , giving you a more original experience; at the same time, In the community with a lot of visitors you'll feel just like another neighbour and you'll find you can go and see the most symbolic places while having fun in an urban city . This is definitely the biggest virtue from this section of the world : any localisation is great to recharge your batteries while you're in your apartment in Antioquia. Wherever you are , don't miss out on seeing the most symbolic buildings at the same time as the historical architecture from all over this county of Antioquia and also from the country.

Things to do in Antioquia

Travelling to Antioquia is being part of a very beautiful destination with plenty to discover . You will have the possibility to wander around the cities and towns until you learn everything about here , get the specific products from this area and get to know the streets . Just as if you were even a resident of Antioquia. The landscapes located here are full of trees for everyone scattered over the grounds . Not exclusively because they are really amazing and a couple of the most appreciated in The the whole country , but because they are sights that make up this area. Now you know, if you're passionate about nature , you are definitely on the best path . Wander around all the hikes in in Antioquia!

Holiday rentals in Antioquia

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Learn the surprises that you can see in Antioquia on your holiday ! A region that is filled with secrets in every corner. Did you know that Antioquia is the homeplace of a few of the most important medieval colleges in the country ? And also, the legend where they come from are just as brilliant . You can't forget walking around the historical centres of the most figurative most beautiful towns in your trip . Nothing at all isn't worth seeing , all without exception send off a scent which carry you back in time : the cultural heritage , the streets , the colours of the houses ... Starting with the most significant sights of the country you can see constructions of the most varied shapes and centuries : from the most typical to the most new . you can get up and close to , at least, one of those, if you would like to make the most of your stay in Antioquia .